Role of Physiotherapy before the stitch…

“A stitch in time, saves nine” is one of the most commonly known phrase, but practically not applied to the fullest. Physiotherapy as a health profession which is gradually day by day getting acknowledged with increasing awareness. However people still tend to visit a physiotherapist after an injury or after a surgery. Broadly surgeries can be divided as emergency and elective. Emergency surgery as the name suggests has to be done as soon as possible, while an elective surgery is pre-planned. When a person is recommended to undergo any surgery for that matter, takes the opinion of the best doctors, finds out the best surgeon, and chooses the best hospital with the most up to date facilities. But, very few people are aware and opt to take Physiotherapy sessions before surgery.

Now the question is how can we help you before the surgery?

This phase is right time to teach few exercises which can maintain good circulation, heart and lung capacity and endurance. Strength and flexibility of muscles which will be and which will not be affected during the surgery can be trained. For example: before a knee replacement surgery, we will not only focus on strengthening the muscles around the knee but also the hips, ankles and feet. Before the surgery, physiotherapist also teaches how to deal with pain or swelling, how to walk after the surgery, how to use the stick or walker, how to move or sit up in the bed, etc. Counselling and patient education before the surgery is very effective, as patient and the relatives or caretakers get to know what are the Dos and Don’ts. This helps them in mental preparation for surgery and reduces the stress. Instruction can be followed better in this phase as understanding and performance is not at par after surgery due to pain and medication. Last but not the least the patient can form a good bond (rapport) with the Physio leading to best results.

Pre-surgical physiotherapy (PREHAB) sessions can help to fasten the recovery process and one can start moving early. 

The next question is: what are the benefits of meeting a physiotherapist before you get operated? Pre-surgical physiotherapy (PREHAB) sessions can help to fasten the recovery process and one can start moving early. Muscles and joints are in a better condition, so goals can be achieved sooner. It can reduce the chances of complications after the surgery.
To make the idea more clearer, let’s imagine

CASE 1: an old man who has been active, exercises regularly and goes for walk every day and

CASE 2: an old man of the same age who is not very active, walks only in the house.

Both the old men have knee pain and are recommended to undergo a knee replacement surgery. The chances of speedy and healthy recovery is with CASE 1 compared to CASE 2 as he had active lifestyle involving good aerobic and muscular fitness. We as physiotherapists can help both of them before the surgery to make their journey to recovery easier and comfortable.

One more question arises: before which surgeries can we take physiotherapy?
Answer is ALL elective surgeries ranging from: Ligament reconstructions (ACL) in athletes, Knee replacement in old people, Chest & Abdominal surgeries, and also in Hysterectomy (uterus removal). Pre-Surgical Physiotherapy (PREHAB) is preferred for all types of surgeries (pre-planned) and all age groups. We recommend to opt for Physio even before cardiac, lung, spine, neuro surgeries.

We at REHAB STATION are all set to help you before and after the stitch…

Arohi D, Purva G, Sumit J and Devyani T (Physio Team) Advisor: Dr. Parag Ranade (PT)

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