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Rehab Station was started in May 2019. It is a Physiotherapy treatment center for sports and orthopaedic and neuro injuries and disabilities.

In 1991, Mr. Ravindra Vartak started an orthopaedic implants and instruments manufacturing unit REHAB with products like bone screws, boneplates,
external fixators etc. REHAB also started making import substitutes of products required in joint replacement surgeries. 

After about 25-30 years of experience in this field, Mr. Ravindra Vartak observed that 95-98% of orhtopaedic injuries can be effectively treated with Physiotherapy and systematic exercise therapy. This reduces the dependency on medication. Physiotherapy also plays a key role after surgery.  This prompted him to start a Physiotherapy center. REHAB STATION has all the latest equipment, a trained team and a treatment methodology which gives the maximum benefit to the clients. 



Why Choose Us?

We call it a ‘Physiotherapy lab.’ Key features of REHAB STATION that makes it stand out from the rest are:  

    • We do thorough musculoskeletal analysis and video analysis of a person and according to the findings of this we define the treatment regime for the person which is in tune with our motto ‘Relief,Recover.Regain..
    • Our major focus is on sports injuries and orthopaedic injuries and neurological disabilities. 
    • REHAB STATION is equipped with ultramodern machines from Chattanooga,USA
      (one of the top three manufacturers for physio equipment) for
      musceloskeletal analysis, pain management treatment and functional physiotherapy.
    • Physiotherapists team trained in UK and renowned Physiotherapy  institutes in India.
    • Customised and injury specific treatment as well training programmes. 
    • One-on-one supervised physio & exercise sessions for each individual.
    • Maintaining excellent hygiene and energetic atmosphere at physio arena. 
    • We maintain the detailed record of all the treatment protocols. This will lead to developing a specific treatment protocol for every particular chronic or acute injury/pain. 

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