Exercise Therapy

Exercise Therapy is a common mode of treatment used by physiotherapists

  •  It includes exercises, joint mobilisations and manipulations.

  • These exercises are used for strengthening and stretching of muscles, correcting posture, reducing pain and also preventing and controlling lifestyle disorders.

  • It assists in achieving the main goal : functional independence
Rehab Station


REHAB STATION is one of the unique set-ups in India where we do analysis as well as treatment using our advanced equipment combined with
conventional physiotherapy and supervised exercise programs.

Equipped with ultramodern machines from Chattanooga, USA (one of the top three manufacturers for physio equipment)
for musceloskeletal analysis, pain management treatment and functional physiotherapy.

HUBER® 360

  • Equipment with a platform which moves in different trajectories.

  • Platform and handles have sensors.

  • Ideal for assessment and training for strength, flexibility, balance and coordination. 

  • Can be used for a wide range of population.


  • Advanced electrotherapy modality with 35 clinical therapeutic wave forms for pain relief and muscle strengthening.

  • Intellect Neo also enables us to plot a strength duration curve within a machine.

  • It also avails the facility of surface EMG that is used in neuromuscular conditions to track muscular activity.


  • Four channel stimulator developed to reduce pain and muscle stimulation.

  • More than 70 programs which can customized as per the requirements (pain relief, strength & conditioning, soft tissue relaxation, rehabilitation).

  • Can be used for functional and on-field training due to its wireless design.

TRITON DTS (Decompression:
traction device)

  • Decompression Therapy System helps bring about decompression and traction at different spinal levels.

  • It helps relieve pressure on the disc, joints and muscular tissues.

  • The traction table also has options of multiple adjustments to ensure localised traction at cervical or lumbar region.


  • This machine works on the concept of radial pressure wave.

  • It delivers pressure impulses inside the treated tissues to bring about deeper soft tissue release promoting regeneration and repair process.

  • This also enhances local blood flow thereby promoting healing.

  • Used mainly for athletes and long-standing muscular pains and stiffness


  • Intellect High Power LASER unlike its lower output counterparts, achieves greater photonic delivery in a short span of time and improving healing.

  • HPL7 offers output up to 7 watts enabling deeper tissue penetration within a smaller treatment session.

    • The Vectra Genisys is a class 3B cold laser allows the user to have semi-custom programs.


      • For pain and swelling reduction.

      • AIRCAST cryo/cuff is combination of compression and cold.

      • Helps to reduce pain and swelling.

      • Different cuffs are available as per the area to be treated.

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