“Show” muscles or “Go” muscles, what is your Goal?

Credits: Sean Schniederjan and Dr. Mark Shirley, D.O.

“Show” muscles or “Go” muscles, what is your Goal?

Broad chest and bulging shoulders with well-developed and highly muscular biceps, triceps and forearms, V-shaped torso, 4 pack abdomen, thighs showing excellent cuts and so on….

Every sportsperson or fitness freak aims to achieve these ‘landmarks’, as these are considered to be prerequisites of the fitness and strength.

Beware!! These are just the ‘show’ muscles, the muscles you can see when you stand in front of a mirror.

Have we thought about our ‘Go’ muscles?? Most of us have not.

That’s why we encounter problems like hamstring pull, severe IT Band tightness, groin pain, low back spasm, neck spasm, very tight calf muscles, heel pain, and major injuries like shin splints, stress fractures, calf or thigh muscle tear etc. etc.

All these problems or injuries can be avoided to a greater extent if one develops ‘Go muscles’, i.e. ‘Posterior chain muscles’ along with ‘show muscles’.

What is a Posterior chain?

It’s a link of muscle groups starting from back of neck to end of heels. They start from,

  • back of neck
  • thoracic or upper back
  • low back
  • hip region
  • back of the thigh
  • calf
  • heel region
Credits: Jeff Nippard

Posterior chain is the Engine of our body and is extremely useful in,

  • providing extra power for explosive actions.
  • Boosting athlete’s performance.
  • Preventing injuries.
  • Protecting muscles from unexpected forces.
  • Maintaining posture and balance.

Though each posterior chain muscle has a specific and well defined function, no muscle of posterior chain works alone. All the muscles work synergistically as a team and hence it is called ‘Posterior (kinetic) chain’.

Credits: Bosch Activation Equipment

In short, it doesn’t matter whether you are a sportsperson or not, you must have a strong posterior chain’.

To maintain fitness, pain-free activity, robust posture and excellent Show muscles, you must have strong Go Muscles!

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