A Simple Guide to Overcoming Vertigo

Finding Your Footing: A Simple Guide to Overcoming Vertigo Are you or someone you know dealing with the unsettling feeling of dizziness and imbalance? These symptoms can really throw off your day-to-day routine. In this blog, we’ll dive into what causes vertigo, its connection to symptoms like vomiting, and how a mix of physiotherapy and […]

फिजिओथेरपीचे नवे स्वरूप

फिजिओथेरपी/ भौतिकोपचार म्हणजेच विना औषध उपचार पद्धती! छोट्या-छोट्या तक्रारींसाठी ढीगभर गोळ्या घेऊन, त्यांचे ‘साईड-इफेक्टस’ ओढवून घ्यायचे नसतील तर भौतिकोपचार यासारखा उपयुक्त दूसरा कुठलाच पर्याय नाही!

“Show” muscles or “Go” muscles, what is your Goal?

Every sportsperson or fitness freak aims to achieve these ‘landmarks’, as these are considered to be prerequisites of the fitness and strength.
Beware!! These are just the ‘show’ muscles, the muscles you can see when you stand in front of a mirror.
Have we thought about our ‘Go’ muscles?? Most of us have not.
That’s why we encounter problems like hamstring pull, severe IT Band tightness, groin pain, low back spasm, neck spasm, very tight calf muscles, heel pain, and major injuries like shin splints, stress fractures, calf or thigh muscle tear etc. etc.
All these problems or injuries can be avoided to a greater extent if one develops ‘Go muscles’, i.e. ‘Posterior chain muscles’ along with ‘show muscles’.

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