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Have you been asked to replace your knees?

Do you know that replacement can be prevented in some cases??

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Long working hours, sedentary lifestyle contributes to body pain and in our daily routine we tend to ignore it.

But here’s why ignoring this can be hazardous for you

chronic pain

Constant body pain can cause depression

You stop activities that you love doing

Meet Suhas

55 year old Bank officer, now conducting wildlife tours. He had pain in both his knees while walking and sitting for long time. This affected his daily activities and traveling plans.

Meet Devayani

46 year old, who suffered from neck pain moving to shoulder and hand, limiting her from doing cooking or other activities. She also had headache and problems in sleeping due to pain.

But what’s common between Suhas and Devayani?

Both of them came to Rehabstation and got rid of their pain and learnt how to manage it in case the pain comes up again.

So, What exactly did we do?

Well, we follow a scientific process using which we take your pain away



Targeted Treatment

How do we analyze your problem?

Once the analysis is done, our magicians start showing their magic.

History Taking

Our physios take your complete history, trying to understand the problem in detail. How it affects your daily activities, timeline of the issue and finally discuss the goals expected out of treatment.

Physical Assesment

Physical assessment of the person including strength, flexibility and much more is done byt the expert physiotherapists.

HUBER Assesment

Final assessment is done on HUBER 360, which generates an objective report.

Counselling & Planning

Counselling is done and planning of goals by therapist and the person as well as his family members.

Once the analysis is done, our magicians start showing their magic.

Meet the physios of Rehab

Once the analysis is done, our magicians start showing their magic.

Dr. Shriya Joshi

Masters in Musculoskeletal physiotherapy from M.C.H.P, Manipal

Dr. Neha Gogate

Masters in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy, M.U.H.S., Yoga Trainer RYT 200

Dr. Disha Shah

Masters in Community Physiotherapy from M.U.H.S

The story doesn’t end with Suhas and Devayani, we have literally treated thousands of people going through pain.

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