7 Tips to kickstart a healthy lifestyle…

7 Tips to kickstart a healthy lifestyle… 

Were you waiting for the New Year to start your fitness routine? It’s the 2nd month of this year and have you been following all the resolutions you decided to? Well, it’s never too late! Hope these few tips help… 

Design a schedule for the week and be realistic! Your schedule should include-Fixed wake up timePlanned meals – time, portions, variety, even cheat mealsWorkout timeSleep scheduleRest days, maybe on weekends. 
You can make a diary or a check-list to keep a tab initially until you get used to the new routine. 
2. WORKOUT VARIETY!Plan different workouts on different days of the week.For example you can do aerobic activity on 2 -3 days (cycling, running, walking, swimming, agility) strength training on 2 days and a full body mobility like Yoga on 1 or 2 days.

The key is to have variety of forms of exercise and not sticking to only running or only lifting weights.  3. EXERCISE AT THE RIGHT INTENSITY!If you workout too much one day, you would be very sore and there are high chances of not sticking to your schedule. Additionally, you might land up with an injury and would have to see your physiotherapist. If you exercise too less, you wouldn’t extract all the benefits that you are aiming for, and likely hit a plateau. Start small and keep building. 
4. SET SHORT TERM GOALS !Instead of suddenly aiming for the Everest, set weekly or bi-weekly goals first. One way to do this is to track your workout. Parameters like duration to complete a particular distance, your heart rate or calories burnt can be some measures.

To make this a lifestyle, you should find people around you who have a similar mindset. This really really helps rather than doing it all alone. It reduces distractions and in-fact even motivates you on days you feel low. You learn from one-another and grow together!


Don’t go extreme and commit to never eat junk and never miss a workout! You may indulge in that chocolate cake that you love or it’s okay to miss a workout on some day. But keep a check on this. Write it down in your excel sheet so that you can monitor the frequency yourself. 

Don’t think this is a phase where you want to lose weight and look good. These will be side effects. But Staying consistent and not giving up this routine will unlock many many benefits like good hair, glowing skin, happy mood and eventually you will stay young!

Remember, it’s never too late to start. Get help if you are confused. Start small and                              slowly build up.  Finally consistency is very important. 

Dr. Neha Gogate (Physiotherapist and RYT Yoga Trainer)
Team Rehab Station 

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