Success Stories


Our patient was suffering from severe back pain and bilateral knee pain. She was using knee brace as well as lumbar support for daily activities for many years. We did a complete physical assessment and formed a customized plan for her strengthening and functional training. Now she can comfortably walk for 1.5 hours, do all her daily activities, and had a pain free trip after almost a decade. All of this, brace – free!

Mrs. Padma Pohekar
Age 65

Meet Mr. Tushar Brahme who is 36 years old and an IT professional. He loves to play badminton, cricket. Due to his nagging shoulder pain and restriction, he had stopped all activities and felt very  depressed. He visited many doctors but painkillers would give only temporary relief. With equal effort from our physios and Mr. Bramhe, we could achieve a pain free return to sport. His shoulder ranges improved dramatically. Then we worked on muscle control endurance in postural muscles. Now he continues follow up with us and has resumed sport as well as crossfit and weight training. 

Mr. Tushar Bramhe
Age 36

Meet Mr. Prathamesh Sakhdeo, who recently went through a surgery for his dislocated elboow. We worked intensely to improve and restore his range of motion and get back his functional strength as soon as possible as he wanted to hold his few months old baby. We are happy we could speed up his recovery and achieve his goals

Mr. Prathamesh Sakhdeo
Age 34

Meet our dynamic athlete Akash Gorkha, a 17 year old upcoming and talented boxer. He has won many laurels in his career at a very young age. To name few, this young champ is a silver medalist at the 2018 Nations Junior Cup in Vrbas, Serbia, and finished second at the 2017 Junior Boxing Championship. Here, in the video, he is focusing on training his upper back and core muscles on a unstable platform of unique tool - HUBER ®️360 , as they play an important role in a sport like boxing under the supervision of our physiotherapist Arohi Deshpande Akash’s sincerity and dedication towards boxing is his success mantra! We at REHAB STATION are happy to support such budding athletes like Akash Gorkha
Akash Gorkha
Age 17
Meet Riya Pimputkar, 15 year old, our youngest client but the most motivated and sincere one! She was diagnosed with Congenital Hip Dysplasia, however Riya made it a cake walk by conquering all obstacles coming her way! She is having a complete active lifestyle where she does aerobics, dancing and now even cycling with complete enthusiasm. In this video, we can see she is focusing on improving her hip and overall mobility under the guidance of our expert physiotherapist Sukanya Dandekar. As we can see, she is getting ahead in gaining more independence in her functional activities and also giving us inspiration to believe that nothing is impossible! Rehab Station is glad to contribute towards Riya’s motivating progress!
Riya Pimputkar
Age 15

Very professional with Knowledgeable staff and with latest equipments to take care of the injury.Aditi helped me to stand up to my feet to do my activities like cycling and trekking.In all a great place to take care of your injury.
Monish Chakraborty

Rehab station is a well equipped ,modern physiotherapy centre with all the amenities.
Excellent staff of doctors help and heal the patients with care and encouragement. I experienced a complete changeover from a painful journey to painless in a scientist way. I highly recommend it..
Rupali Mehendale

Only the most caring and professional sports physiotherapy service! The therapista are knowledgible and fun. They know what’s happening in your hurt body part. Sophisticated equipment to ascertain without an error the real condition of the injury and rehab! Above all, warm but professional people right from administration to therapists! Thank you Rehab Station!

Aditya Vaishampayan

My sister suggested me to visit rehab station when I started facing issue of dizziness and imbalance. I immediately visited the place and in first visit, they assessed me and ensured that my problem would be resolved soon. First 5 days were challenging but after 1 week I started feeling better. Dr Sukanya guided me and applied techniques to get rid of vertigo due to imbalance in right ear. She helped me improving the core strength by giving different exercises to do at home as well. The staff is very cooperative and knowledgeable and I really appreciate the rehab station for that! I recommend rehab station for those who are facing issues like vertigo, imbalance, spondylosis…Not only that but for runners, or people having any injuries or undergone any surgeries for all types of physiotherapy rehab station is the best place to visit!!!

Sonali Phadke

It is rehabilitation center for chronic issues. It is well equipped with instruments with expert staff.
It is very well maintained and well located.
Accept payment thru Gpay, phone pe and Paytm.
Ramesh Birajdar

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