Success Stories

Meet Mr Sushrut who overcame a challenging foot fracture. He embarked on this transformative rehabilitation journey at Rehab Station. Main goals of rehab program were restore mobility in ankle and regain strength in his leg. He wished to join his sport -basketball so a complete rehab program was essential for him. Today he stands tall and pain-free, a testament to the power of determination.

Sushrut Sapatnekar

Ujjwala Dabholkar shares her experience at Rehab Station. She came to us with neck pain and stiffness which we treated in first few sessions itself. We later started shoulder, scapular strengthening and also leg strengthening for her overall fitness.

Ujjwala Dabholkar

With a in depth assessment of his back and tennis elbow problem, our physios designed a 360degree program for Mr. Kelkar. His physiotherapy sessions included pain-relief modalities such as LASER and Shockwave Therapy. This was taken with an extensive strentghening program for his upper back, shoulder and elbow. We proudly can see that his problem was solved and he is completely pain-free and independent in his activities.

Satish Kelkar

Meet Mrs. Radhika Atre who recovered from her frozen shoulder only with the correct physiotherapy treatment. It is very important to do the correct exercises in the particular phase of recovery from frozen shoulder.

Radhika Atre

Meet Poonam Menon, diagnosed with knee osteoarthritis came to Rehab Station for improving her quality of life. With correct guidance, customized rehab protocol and her discipline, she could see results in her pain levels and improvements in activtieslike stair climbing etc

Poonam Menon

 Badminton Champion Sourabh Yadav had a ligament and meniscal injury during his game. He came to Rehab Station on day 12 post his surgery and completed 9 months rehab program of Phase I, II and III treatment for return to sport. He learnt that no injury can stop him and in fact he got back to playing his game by the end of 8th month. Slowly he regained confidence and is so happy to start playing again!

Aparna Kshirsagar

Sheetal, a fitness coach herself, recently completed her rehabilitation program at Rehab Station after undergoing ACL reconstruction surgery five months ago. Eager to get back to her active lifestyle, Sheetal diligently followed her personalized rehab plan under the guidance of experienced physiotherapists and strength coaches. Through a combination of targeted exercises, strength training, and functional movements, Sheetal gradually regained stability, range of motion, and muscle strength in her injured knee. The team at Rehab Station provided invaluable support, ensuring proper technique, monitoring progress, and adjusting the program as needed. Sheetal’s dedication and the expertise of the Rehab Station professionals contributed to her successful recovery, allowing her to resume her passion for fitness coaching with renewed confidence and resilience.

Sheetal R

Mr. Nikhil Mahamuni bravely shared his journey of recovery from cervicogenic dizziness, a condition often misdiagnosed as vertigo. Frustrated by the persistent dizziness, he sought medical advice and was fortunate to receive an accurate diagnosis. With the guidance of his physiotherapists specializing in cervical spine issues, Nikhil embarked on a tailored rehabilitation program. Through targeted exercises, manual therapy, and postural corrections, he gradually experienced a significant reduction in his dizziness episodes. Nikhil’s story serves as a reminder of the importance of proper diagnosis and the transformative impact of specialized physiotherapy in treating cervicogenic dizziness, restoring hope and quality of life.

Mr. Nikhil Mahamuni

Aparna Kshirsagar’s life took a transformative turn with Rehab Station. Struggling with chronic knee pain, she sought solace and found it through knee replacement surgery. Rehab Station became her beacon of hope, providing personalized care and support. The skilled professionals guided her pre-surgery, preparing her for the procedure, and post-surgery, enabling her remarkable recovery. Today, Aparna stands as a testament to Rehab Station’s dedication in restoring mobility, alleviating pain, and improving the lives of individuals like her.

Aparna Kshirsagar

Mr. Atul Karve’s life took a positive turn with Vertigo Rehab. Plagued by persistent vertigo episodes, he sought relief and found it through specialized rehabilitation. Under the guidance of the skilled professionals, Atul underwent a tailored rehab program targeting his vestibular system. Through a combination of exercises, maneuvers, and balance training, his vertigo symptoms gradually diminished. Atul’s experience highlights the effectiveness of Vertigo Rehab in restoring stability, improving quality of life, and allowing individuals to regain control over their daily activities.

Mr. Atul Karve

Meet Mr. Tushar Brahme who is 36 years old and an IT professional. He loves to play badminton, cricket. Due to his nagging shoulder pain and restriction, he had stopped all activities and felt very  depressed. He visited many doctors but painkillers would give only temporary relief. With equal effort from our physios and Mr. Bramhe, we could achieve a pain free return to sport. His shoulder ranges improved dramatically. Then we worked on muscle control endurance in postural muscles. Now he continues follow up with us and has resumed sport as well as crossfit and weight training. 

Mr. Tushar Bramhe
Age 36

Our patient was suffering from severe back pain and bilateral knee pain. She was using knee brace as well as lumbar support for daily activities for many years. We did a complete physical assessment and formed a customized plan for her strengthening and functional training. Now she can comfortably walk for 1.5 hours, do all her daily activities, and had a pain free trip after almost a decade. All of this, brace – free!

Mrs. Padma Pohekar
Age 65

Meet Mr. Prathamesh Sakhdeo, who recently went through a surgery for his dislocated elboow. We worked intensely to improve and restore his range of motion and get back his functional strength as soon as possible as he wanted to hold his few months old baby. We are happy we could speed up his recovery and achieve his goals

Mr. Prathamesh Sakhdeo
Age 34

Priya, a 47-year-old woman in the midst of perimenopause, sought our specialized assistance to address her concerns. Recognizing the significance of core and pelvic floor health during this transitional phase, our team conducted a comprehensive assessment to identify any weaknesses or imbalances. Based on the findings, a tailored strengthening program was designed to specifically target and address these areas. With Priya’s dedication and our guidance, she successfully completed the program, experiencing improvements in her core stability and pelvic floor function. Equipped with enhanced strength and support, Priya is now better equipped to navigate the challenges that come with perimenopause.

Priya Waze

Rajat Kadam, a national-level table tennis player, has been undergoing physiotherapy sessions at Rehab Station Pune for the past two years. With a focus on conditioning and performance enhancement, Rajat utilizes the Huber 360 equipment during his sessions. The dedicated team at Rehab Station Pune has played a crucial role in designing personalized training programs that have significantly improved Rajat’s strength, agility, and overall performance on the table tennis court. He considers Rehab Station Pune an invaluable partner in his journey, providing him with the tools and support needed to excel in his athletic career
Rajat Kadam


Rahul Karne
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Rehab station is excellent platform to resolve the sports injury by expert team of physiotherapist with well equipped set up at city centre. With Musical ambiance & smiling team of doctors it is hardly you believe that you are a patient there . Initial session of treatment team analyse your problem correctly & later on direction of treatment is decided . The holistic approach regarding your fitness is the USP besides your injury treatment. Dr Aditi is expert in handling sports related injuries, her dedication & understanding ability of your concern is excellent. sometimes she is strict also but of course it’s a part of a treatment & your concern as a patient. The most important thing is have a trust on your doctor & follow the instructions promptly including your home exercises, this will guarantee your early recovery.
Vilas Padhye
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Rehab Station has an amazing team of young, dynamic, and dedicated physiotherapists. I had injured my shoulder and was in excruciating pain. Four days - four sessions, and my pain dropped to 20%. I had to return to Mumbai and hence could not continue with more, but the doctor trained me in the exercises and shared a PDF with images and a regimen. I am experiencing huge relief! They have ample space, lots of equipment, personalized attention, and loads of empathy. Dr. Shriya Joshi is a rock-doc. Very soft spoken yet highly motivated, she is as gifted as she is graceful. Dr. Sukanya Dandekar is very thorough in her domain knowledge and is a task master who gets exercises done with a smile. I express my gratitude towards the wonderful doctors and pray they stay blessed with the gift of alleviating the pain and suffering of common people.

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